Egypt-Japan Business Council
About Us

The Egypt-Japan Business Council (EJBC) :
established in 1999, is an association representing major business enterprises engaged in joint activities and cooperation between Japan and Egypt. Our members are drawn from all major sectors including manufacturing, Trading, real estate and services such as "automotive industry and trade, textile, engineering, construction, foodstuff, agriculture, water management, tourism and financial services".
eJBC working hand in hand with its success partners in Japan to achieve its goals on the overall levels of the Egyptian-Japanese relations through developing the economical, political, cultural and social cooperation in both nations; through convergence of views between the business partners in both sides, organizing round-table meetings, workshops, conferences and inviting experts from both Japan and Egypt from governmental and business bodies for discussing business potentials, troubleshooting and overcome all obstacles.
The mission of EJBC is to facilitate mutually beneficial opportunities and Sustaining members corporations, businesses, government entities, institutions and other organizations, EJBC approach is to uphold both Egyptian and Japanese flags up to the top."towards More Prosperous Egypt and Japan".

Egypt-Japan Business Council